Start To Do Whatever You Want: Our Little Talk With Cindy Octaviany

by enigmanifesto on Apr 29, 2019

A cheerful girl with a bubbly personality, those are the impressions on our first encounter with Cindy Octaviany, a multi-talented girl who juggle career as a fulltime creative entrepreneur – a florist, fashion influencer, freelance photographer, and a wedding videographer, you name it! We are so lucky to have her to do this interview and mini styling session at Lost and Found Shoppe PIK.

Cindy is the woman behind Monze Floristry, a newly established floristry that focused on flowers that are naturally dried without preservatives and added colors to achieves their signature rustic look. Driven by her passion and her love of the idea of gifting and make someone feel special, she created Monze to help people express their feelings through flowers. As the tagline is ‘Reminds People About the Beauty in Life”, she aspire to help more people to find happiness in little things.

“Fresh flowers, are visually more appealing and smells really good, but it won’t last long. It needs extra care and will takes more effort to deliver. On the other hand, dried flowers are long lasting and can be explore into many different media, such as home decoration. The framed dried flowers can be delivered to other city or even other island. But for the terms of color, dried flower can lose much of their actual color and vibrancy if you didn’t store it properly out of the sunlight. But both fresh and dried flowers has their own charm,” she said.

Cindy Picking Up Enigmanifesto Looks

As Cindy juggles works in various sector, she always keen learn and keep improving herself by joining more workshops, searching inspirations through Pinterest to upgrade her styling-game, socializing, exploring new places, and constantly looking up to her role model: @songofstyle (Aimee Song).  She also challenge herself to work on her time management skill by setting all her schedule in google calendar to make sure to tick all her list and didn’t miss a thing.

Besides working as a florist, Cindy is also one of the rising fashion influencer that everyone started eyeing for. Her ability to create a signature identity is one of the reason that she stood out from the others. From a sharp fashion sense and color tone, she managed to rock neutral color with a hint of bold. Cindy described her style as “effortlessly chic with a touch of modern classic” and prioritize comfiness over style.

Managing endorsement deal from brands, she is fully aware of the blooming local fashion industries. "It’s actually a good thing. The society is starting to appreciate local products and good design. As the government starts to support the growth of Indonesian creative industry, more and more creative workers will appear in the future.” With all those privilege, there will be more opportunity for the younger generation to achieve their goals. “Start to do whatever you want because time wont wait” she added ,”It is important to start as early as possible. Everyone has their passion of purpose, do more research and join workshops, find what you really want then focus on it. Find a mentor who is willing to help us. Never afraid to ask the expert as they went through all that.”

There’s still a long way to go, but this young woman really knows where she’s heading to. We couldn’t wait to see more of her journey in the future. Thank you Cindy for an inspiring chit chat, and we'd like to also thank Lost and Found Shoppe (@Lostandfoundshoppe) for being such a nice host for us. Visit her aesthetic instagram account @cindy.octaviany and don’t forget to watch Enigmanifesto instagram highlight for her mind-blowing Styling Tips!