Do What You Love: An Insight From Clara Ayu Sheila

by ENIGMANIFESTO on May 14, 2018

“Do what you love”. A phrase that embraced by Clara Ayu Sheila, a multitalented artist who does singing and make-up. From the first encounter, we saw her as an energetic soul with full of confidence. With her bright personality she’s truly an easy-going person who are loved by many.

As a member of a YouTube band called Eclat Story, Clara pursue her career as the lead singer. It all started as a hobby, making home video with a group of friends covering their favorite songs, until Yosua (another member of Eclat Story) initiated to make a video cover called “Music in Movie” that is different, with storyline, beautiful cinematography, and a better audio quality, and turns out people loves it! They continue to produce more ”Music in movie”, and their YouTube viewers and subscribers keep increasing until they finally received the Silver Play Button for reaching 100.000 subscriber.

But it doesn’t stops there. Eclat constantly making progress and released their own original song last year and definitely will release more in the future. Clara keeps challenging herself to be like her role-model, Raisa. “I think Raisa is cool. She did a great job for branding herself. Whenever she perform, she looks elegant and graceful.  I also love Banda Neira. Every songs they made are sincere. You can tell right away if a song is comes from the heart or not. “

Clara in Luna Dress

Asides of being a singer, Clara also does make-up. She passionately loving every makeup session she had with her clients. “Every experience is memorable. You got to meet many different people and learn from them. But the best experience so far is probably when I was asked to host a workshop with The Balm. It means they trust you to share your knowledge to other people. That’s an honor,” she said.

Having Peary Pie as an inspiration, Clara admire her as a make-up artist that has strong character and fashion sense. Promoting Thailand through her fashion sense and hope to be like her someday.

Living in the best of both worlds? Well yes, but not really. Juggling multiple jobs means multiple challenges. “It’s hard to let go and choose only one job for the rest of my life because I really love what I do, but focusing on what you do really helps it, The challenge is to set priorities and focus. ” Clara said, “ Most of my jobs are on the weekend. So I spend my weekdays charging myself so I can make the most of it, on the weekend.” She prefer living peacefully doing everything she loves than being ambitious about money and living a stressful life.

Clara in Plum dress

To balance out all her jobs, Clara regularly hit the gym. “Working out is how I release all the stress in life”, she said “And socialize! That’s really important!.”  Attending events, building network with fellow beauty vlogger, meeting fellow freelancer to share their experience. But out of all that, she lives doing what she love the most. “You have to learn to relax in life. Life is not all about money. Do what you love, and let money be your bonus. Learn to be grateful. Because being ambitious sometimes can be a boomerang to yourself.”

Noted Clara! From hobby to career. Fulfilling life with the activities that she really enjoy. Well that’s how she managed to maintain her positive energy.

Clara in Luna dress

Clara Ayu Sheila is wearing Plum dress and white Luna Dress