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Apr 29, 2019

Start To Do Whatever You Want: Our Little Talk With Cindy Octaviany

A cheerful girl with a bubbly personality, those are the impressions on our first encounter with Cindy Octaviany, a multi-talented girl who juggle career as a fulltime creative entrepreneur – a florist, fashion influencer, freelance photographer, and a wedding videographer, you name it! We are so lucky to have her to do this interview and mini styling session at Lost and Found Shoppe PIK.

Cindy is the woman behind Monze Floristry, a newly established floristry that focused on flowers that are naturally dried without preservatives and added colors to achieves their signature rustic look. Driven by her passion and her love of the idea of gifting and make someone feel special, she created Monze to help people express their feelings through flowers. As the tagline is ‘Reminds People About the Beauty in Life”, she aspire to help more people to find happiness in little things.

“Fresh flowers, are visually more appealing and smells really good, but it won’t last long. It needs extra care and will takes more effort to deliver. On the other hand, dried flowers are long lasting and can be explore into many different media, such as home decoration. The framed dried flowers can be delivered to other city or even other island. But for the terms of color, dried flower can lose much of their actual color and vibrancy if you didn’t store it properly out of the sunlight. But both fresh and dried flowers has their own charm,” she said.

Cindy Picking Up Enigmanifesto Looks

As Cindy juggles works in various sector, she always keen learn and keep improving herself by joining more workshops, searching inspirations through Pinterest to upgrade her styling-game, socializing, exploring new places, and constantly looking up to her role model: @songofstyle (Aimee Song).  She also challenge herself to work on her time management skill by setting all her schedule in google calendar to make sure to tick all her list and didn’t miss a thing.

Besides working as a florist, Cindy is also one of the rising fashion influencer that everyone started eyeing for. Her ability to create a signature identity is one of the reason that she stood out from the others. From a sharp fashion sense and color tone, she managed to rock neutral color with a hint of bold. Cindy described her style as “effortlessly chic with a touch of modern classic” and prioritize comfiness over style.

Managing endorsement deal from brands, she is fully aware of the blooming local fashion industries. "It’s actually a good thing. The society is starting to appreciate local products and good design. As the government starts to support the growth of Indonesian creative industry, more and more creative workers will appear in the future.” With all those privilege, there will be more opportunity for the younger generation to achieve their goals. “Start to do whatever you want because time wont wait” she added ,”It is important to start as early as possible. Everyone has their passion of purpose, do more research and join workshops, find what you really want then focus on it. Find a mentor who is willing to help us. Never afraid to ask the expert as they went through all that.”

There’s still a long way to go, but this young woman really knows where she’s heading to. We couldn’t wait to see more of her journey in the future. Thank you Cindy for an inspiring chit chat, and we'd like to also thank Lost and Found Shoppe (@Lostandfoundshoppe) for being such a nice host for us. Visit her aesthetic instagram account @cindy.octaviany and don’t forget to watch Enigmanifesto instagram highlight for her mind-blowing Styling Tips!


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Mar 18, 2019

Lost and Found Shoppe: An Inspiring Lifestyle Shoppe indeed

Whenever you came across Pantai Indah Kapuk, you can easily find an eye-catching turquoise store called Lost and Found Shoppe. A multi-brand store with a wide selection of independent local designer products, that are carefully curated by the founder herself, Cindy Anggono. Little did you know, Lost and Found Shoppe is Enigmanifesto first offline stockist and it’s been two years since we first joined. We had a chance to talk about the journey with Cindy along with her cousin Elvira who’s also taking part in the shoppe.

Having a background as a graphic designer, Cindy used to work at a publication house in Singapore and started to develop a passion in fashion through magazines. Years of living in Singapore, she has always been fascinated by unique small shops that selling curated goods. Her travel also plays a huge role unfolding her passion. From exploring vintage store, indie shops and café, she had a vision to have her own shop. And when Cindy finally had the opportunity coming back to Indonesia for good in 2012, she decided to open a shop of her dream, that stirs up romantic notions with a vintage vibes, Lost and Found Shoppe.

Lost and Found Shoppe was started as a little vintage store located above a café, selling handpicked goods from her travel to Europe, Australia, and Bangkok. As time goes by, the shop evolved along with what the market needs and started to include more and more local brands into the shop. Last month has marked the 7th years of Lost and Found Shoppe that now carries more than 40 brands of clothing, accessories including an in-house brand called Vanilla Shoes, and lifestyle products, as a one-stop solution for their countless loyal customers.

Lost and Found Shoppe in-house brand Vanilla Shoes

This curated experience requires more effort but it creates a more personalized experience for consumers and brings many valuable return.

“We’ve learned a lot from different brands, everyone have their own way of work. It’s a privilege to meet many talented people, and able to learn their work ethics, their passion, and their point of view”, Elvira said. “Maintaining a business for 7 years is indeed hard, but having a passion that drives you, will definitely help get you through it”, Cindy added.

Being a fashion entrepreneur that runs a retail business doesn’t mean all glamorous and fun. “People don’t really see the downside of opening an actual store. It seems like everything runs smoothly from the outside, selling clothes and everything. But it’s more than that. It took a lot of efforts and hard work to be here.”

Enigmanifesto at the second floor of Lost and Found Shoppe

As the conversation goes, we got a little bit curious of what Cindy thought of Enigmanifesto for the first time until she decided to accept us to be part of Lost and Found Shoppe back then. “Everyone starts small. For every brand profile and catalog that came into my mail, I’ve never seen a local brand incorporate their own prints into their products. The brand was still young, but I knew where it heading to. Maybe it’s because we came from the same background which is graphic design. It’s a perfect timing too”.

Offline store allow them to meet potential new customers and showcasing their most updated range to meet their behavior, Cindy added. “People started to indulge in such things as lifestyle product, like candle for instance. I’d like to amplify the branding of Lost and Found Shoppe to the customers by creating more merchandise and freebies, like the PVC bag that are already used today and incorporate the branding of Lost and Found Shoppe to more lifestyle products”

Full range of fashion items including accesories

After all these amazing journey, they never stop evolving and have the spirit that strive to innovate to become better. Between those years of juggling between multiple brands and running business, there must be so many memorable moments. From the expansion of a small shop to 2 storey flagship store, opened a branch in Kelapa Gading, to a pop up store at Neo Soho Mall, they are so ready for their next milestone. Yes you guess it right! Lost and Found Shoppe will expand their market to Tangerang as they are going to open another branch at Alam Sutera in a few months.

A dream turned into reality. An inspiring lifestyle shoppe indeed. Whats not to love about this charming place? 

Elvira and Cindy Anggono of Lost and Found Shoppe

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Sep 21, 2018

Believe In Consistency : A Little Chit Chat With Harumi Tanoto

Last week, we had a little chitchat with our dear friend Harumi Tanoto right before she headed to On Pedder event. As a busy graphic designer and influencer, it’s all about juggling multiple projects all at once. Harumi currently running a graphic design company named Crave for Art with 2 other friends. The company started almost 4 years ago when she and one of the co-founder Florencia shared a branding project while working on her final project in campus, and turns out to be a long-term business that now having 3 employees. Crave for Arts handles visual identity, website, company profile and now has expanded to social media management.

Besides her career in graphic design field, she is also a rising fashion and lifestyle influencer that actively involved in many events. But how does it starts? “I actually didn’t do much about it. I started using Instagram a little bit late. In the beginning, I rarely posted my own photos in my feeds.  I mostly posted view, and flat-lay picture and editing those photos diligently”. And yes, because of her consistency of creating good picture, more people started to follow her and brands also started to approach her for endorsement request. It took a lot of efforts to maintain the quality of her posts and keep creative in making contents.

Social media culture makes people understand each other better. As an influencer and also a woman working in the fields, Harumi truly realize the importance of social media for a brand. “Everything goes digital. You can access everything through your phone and get so updated with only one platform. A brand has to be actively present in social media to be recognized”, she said.

There are always two sides of everything, and the same goes to her. Being influencer enable her to enjoy many privilege, such as getting many gifted products, and getting special treatment she never expect she’ll have, “People see you with more respect and didn’t underestimate you because they knew that you are ‘someone’,” Harumi said, “But that is also the worst part. People have expectations. There are much difference between me on Instagram and me in real life. When you’re at an event or meeting new people, it’s really hard to be yourself.”

“There are always a pressure to look perfect all the time. And people on the internet are sometimes the worst. They’ll judge you like crazy. For instance, when you gain a little weight, people will always have a word about it. People only see you physically. You don’t event know if someone are genuine to you or want to take advantage of you”, she continues. Real life is indeed hard. But Harumi always tried to be positive embracing all the challenges, to overcome, to endure, to transform and be greater than her obstacles.

As she became an influencer and running a design studio at the same time, her biggest challenge is always about time management. There was a time when she had to attend an event and having a photo shoot with the client in the same day, and she had to choose one, of course she always prioritize her client.

In the face of those hustle, she always managed to make her own me-time. “I will try my best to finish my work long before the deadline to have extra time to do whatever I want. My me-time is pretty easy, watching Youtube at night is count as a me-time. Life needs to be well balanced”.

Harumi constantly making progress to become the best version of her by embracing her weakness and dealing with the hindrances. There are many things that she had learned while becoming an influencer. She admitted that she used to be unprofessional when handling endorsement project. But as the time goes, she learned to be more responsible to the brand she represent by delivering the best results, and respect the brand that believe in her. She also improved her public-speaking skill, since many events has media coverage and constantly asked her to speak spontaneously in front of the camera.

In the social media world, one of the person she looks up to is Jenn Im. An Youtuber turned business-woman with the brightest personality. “I admire her for her super positive personality. She always cheerful and so genuine. Nobody is having a perfect life. I’m sure Jenn Im also have a stressful moment when she’s all drained. But she take it easy and able to overcome her situation. She really has a good vibe”, she said.  

And last but not least, Harumi shared her mantra, “You need to find your true character and expertise then constantly learn and explore deeper about it. By being consistent, having a positive attitude, and striving your best effort you will eventually find a way to make it.” We really love her strong will to learn, evolve, and improve. Cannot wait to see her reaching another milestone in her life!

Harumi Tanoto is wearing Hyva Sweater, Reef Pants in dark burgundy, Magna Dress in black, and Coast-Multiway top.


May 14, 2018

Do What You Love: An Insight From Clara Ayu Sheila

“Do what you love”. A phrase that embraced by Clara Ayu Sheila, a multitalented artist who does singing and make-up. From the first encounter, we saw her as an energetic soul with full of confidence. With her bright personality she’s truly an easy-going person who are loved by many.

As a member of a YouTube band called Eclat Story, Clara pursue her career as the lead singer. It all started as a hobby, making home video with a group of friends covering their favorite songs, until Yosua (another member of Eclat Story) initiated to make a video cover called “Music in Movie” that is different, with storyline, beautiful cinematography, and a better audio quality, and turns out people loves it! They continue to produce more ”Music in movie”, and their YouTube viewers and subscribers keep increasing until they finally received the Silver Play Button for reaching 100.000 subscriber.

But it doesn’t stops there. Eclat constantly making progress and released their own original song last year and definitely will release more in the future. Clara keeps challenging herself to be like her role-model, Raisa. “I think Raisa is cool. She did a great job for branding herself. Whenever she perform, she looks elegant and graceful.  I also love Banda Neira. Every songs they made are sincere. You can tell right away if a song is comes from the heart or not. “

Clara in Luna Dress

Asides of being a singer, Clara also does make-up. She passionately loving every makeup session she had with her clients. “Every experience is memorable. You got to meet many different people and learn from them. But the best experience so far is probably when I was asked to host a workshop with The Balm. It means they trust you to share your knowledge to other people. That’s an honor,” she said.

Having Peary Pie as an inspiration, Clara admire her as a make-up artist that has strong character and fashion sense. Promoting Thailand through her fashion sense and hope to be like her someday.

Living in the best of both worlds? Well yes, but not really. Juggling multiple jobs means multiple challenges. “It’s hard to let go and choose only one job for the rest of my life because I really love what I do, but focusing on what you do really helps it, The challenge is to set priorities and focus. ” Clara said, “ Most of my jobs are on the weekend. So I spend my weekdays charging myself so I can make the most of it, on the weekend.” She prefer living peacefully doing everything she loves than being ambitious about money and living a stressful life.

Clara in Plum dress

To balance out all her jobs, Clara regularly hit the gym. “Working out is how I release all the stress in life”, she said “And socialize! That’s really important!.”  Attending events, building network with fellow beauty vlogger, meeting fellow freelancer to share their experience. But out of all that, she lives doing what she love the most. “You have to learn to relax in life. Life is not all about money. Do what you love, and let money be your bonus. Learn to be grateful. Because being ambitious sometimes can be a boomerang to yourself.”

Noted Clara! From hobby to career. Fulfilling life with the activities that she really enjoy. Well that’s how she managed to maintain her positive energy.

Clara in Luna dress

Clara Ayu Sheila is wearing Plum dress and white Luna Dress